Course Feedback

Understanding Normal Movement Course- Brisbane

  • I learnt so much & it was such an encouraging environment - facilitating learning as effectively as facilitating movement
  • The course has changed the way I will approach all my sessions with clients from now on. The information provided was invaluable
  • Facilitate to Activate
  • This workshop is sutiable for all body types. A fun course to attend
  • Practical and clinically based. Encouraged thought when analysing movement

Client and Family Perspectives

Bobath therapy is a client centred practice. Specific goals are developed in conjuction with clients and families, so it is important to really understand how the Bobath Approach is recieved at a family and client level. Please click on a name below to read their testimonial.



Matt 15 years old

Hi, I was one of the children involved in the Bobath program. The ladies I worked with were a lot of fun to be with during my Bobath sessions and I would like to thank them very much for everything.

From them I have learnt a lot of new things about how my body really works and found out about a lot of muscles in my body that I've never used before and how I can use them to help me in my progress of improving my walking ability in the future. I now feel a lot more confident in myself and in what I can do.

Previously I could not walk backwards very well but since I have been to the Bobath I can. I have learnt so many other things as well such as how I can get myself to stand up straight, how I can stand up without needing something to hang on too, how to throw a basket ball correctly and get it into the hoop. It was an amazing experience and I wish I could do it again.

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Sally- A mother's perspective

My daughter was lucky enough to be asked to participate in two Bobath courses. She has Dyskinetic Dystonic CP and as such has very low muscle tone.

Watching how the Therapists use the Bobath principles and how effective these principles are has allowed for a much broader spectrum of play with her and she is able to engage in different types of play. Before Bobath most of her play was on her tummy.

The Therapists have taught me some of the techniques and this allows me to assist her in her play. We can now have 'tea parties' with her dollies which we couldn't do before because it was very difficult to support her and play with her.

Development has progressed out of sight over the past few months and we attribute a lot of this gain from her Bobath Therapy

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